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Berend Hindriks Hulshof

Gepost 2015/07/27

On Facebook I had a question if I could determine the Birth location of Berend Hindriks Hulshof, born in 1894 in Oude Pekela. He migrated in 1919 to Schoolcraft, Michigan.

These former adresses (before 1900 usually only a district- and a house number ) are mostly found in the Bevolkingsregister (Civil Registration), so I called early Tuesdaymorning to the Municipality Archives and went there the same day. Nice bike ride through Zuidwending, Kibbelgaarn, and the Ceresweg to Oude Pekela. 

The adress was quickly found, indeed a district- and a housenumber. Mostly the current adresses are hard to find, but not in Pekela :-) Someone numbered all the old numbers to newer adresses and consequently I came in the Ceresstraat, later the W.H. Bosgrastraat. 

Of course I had my camera with me so I copied the pages and biking back I took a different route a long the Pekelderdiep:


W.H. Bosgrastraat, Oude Pekela met Sint WillibrorduskerkW.H. Bosgrastraat, Oude Pekela met Sint Willibrorduskerk


Of course through the W.H. Bosgrastraat). This picture is taken from the bridge in the direction of the Sint-Willibrorduskerk .The house on the left are built after 1900.


Berend's father is born in 1858, in Lula , unknown by most people just a small hamlet extend to Kalkwijk , and of course a new bike-tour:








This tour went next to  Vossenburg, a hamlet between Windeweer en Zuidlaarderveen,  where Berend's Grandfather, Edzes Hulshof  was born in 1829 and back through  Oud Annerveen en Annerveensche kanaal.